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Open Source Electronic Individual Learning Plans

Home Page

The home pages provide a simple overview of what's important to learners right now.

It's a jumping off-point with quick access to what users need. Learners are given a quick and simple way to make notes and reminded immediately of their upcoming targets. A trend graph of attendance is calculated automatically from your institution's registers.

Notification of next timetabled sessions are shown for learners and staff and can be expanded to a full timetable.

Integration with your institution's VLE means they can jump straight into their courses and Leap works with the UK standard Shibboleth authentication for single sign-on between systems.

And for staff, there's a home page for courses with visual class lists getting them to the detailed information they need about their course's progression.


The timeline is central to Leap. It's where the story of a learner's journey is told.

Relevant, timely information from your institution's information systems is automatically collected and displayed in a familiar, consistent layout, and combined with input from learners and staff.

Notes, targets, enrolments, qualifications, reviews, attendance, support, disiplinaries and more are used to set the context and provide inspiration for future plans and goals.

Learners are kept informed of their learning targets and are encouraged to reflect as they progress.

A simple menu enables users to filter the timeline to home in on particluar areas and can be easily configured to provide different access levels to learners, staff, parents and applicants.

Staff can also see the timeline at a course-level or even an overview for the entire institution.


With the Leap timetable, learners can easily see where they need to be and what's coming up.

Register marks are collected automatically from your institution's MIS in real-time so the information is always up to date and correct.

Weekly attendance graphs are calculated and added to learners' timelines showing trends and providing another inspiration for relevant target-setting.

Timetables can also be helpful for staff, offering a nice overview of learners' attendance and their own teaching timetables are available too.

And all this happens without any additional set up or maintainance!

Free and Open Licensing

Leap is available under the Affero General Public License, a Free software licence allowing institutions the freedom to use, modify and even redistribute the software as they see fit.

For more details, contact leap@southdevon.ac.uk