learner engagement and progress

Open Source Electronic Individual Learning Plans

A Key Tool in Everyday Student Life at Swindon College

Since implementing Leap at Swindon College in September 2012, it’s had a great impact on student engangement.
Jo Kelly, Student Engagement Manager, said:

Leap was introduced to Swindon College in September 2012. The technical support and advice that was offered prior to the system being installed and on an on-going basis has been excellent.

Since its introduction Leap has become a key tool in everyday student life and a platform to record, track and reflect on individual targets. This in turn has enabled staff to engage more effectively with our learners.

The particular benefits of the system to the College have been:

  • An easy view of timetables for both students and staff and a prompt to all students as to where there next lessons are
  • Time effective reporting system on a termly basis to support parents evenings
  • Contact Logs – recording of any contact around a student i.e. to a parent or guardian in date order
  • Being able to identify missing information on individual students i.e. next of kin details

Overall the Leap system has increased the information sharing of student information to the relevant people and improved record keeping for individual students. It is also a very user friendly system which is accessible from anywhere with internet access, including mobile phones.

We’ve been really enjoying working with Swindon College and are looking forward to the great things we’ll be acheiving together in the future!